How to distinguish fights from tone


False contractions differ from true ones in several traits. They do not become stronger throughout the day, occurring no more than 1-2 times an hour. Such sensations can be caused by fetal motor activity, sex, full bladder, etc. The tone of the uterus should be observed. Usually the factors listed above are accompanied by periodic pulling or contract-like pains at the bottom of the abdomen, which pass quickly. In this case, you have nothing to worry about.


Try to lay down a bit during the tone or walk if you lay before it. Drink a cup of herbal tea or warm milk, take a warm shower. Usually false sensations of contractions go through afterwards. Do not allow nervous stresses, as they too can contribute to more frequent contractions.


Starting at week 38 of pregnancy, contractions will occur about once an hour. These are the harbingers of childbirth occurring when the cervix is shortened and softened as it prepares for the birth process. Watch your sensations. If the pain does not increase or intensify, the time for delivery is not yet ripe.


If the term of your pregnancy does not exceed 37 weeks, but the tone of the uterus is felt more often than 3-4 times an hour, you should immediately go to the doctor or call ambulance crew. Similar regular contractions at such a time usually mean the approach of preterm birth.


Note the pain symptoms that accompany contractions. If you have abundant, transparent or with blood discharge from the genitals, you feel strange lower back pain or pressure in the pelvic area, it is necessary to immediately appear to the doctor. Seek medical attention straight away if the nature of contractions became more regular and the gaps between them began to shrink. This suggests the beginning of ancestral activity.

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