How to distinguish a fake ipad


Taking your hands on the iPad, first of all pay attention to the size of its screen. In counterfeits, the screen may have a smaller or larger diagonal. All Apple devices are released according to a specific specification and have a fixed display size that cannot vary.


Note the operating system of the device. iPad tablets have iOS installed, which is not used on any mobile devices other than Apple. Most often, fakes are released running Android, which will be immediately noticeable after unlocking the screen and moving to the main menu.


Note the packaging in which the device is supplied. The iPad is sold in an original box packed in film. The packaging features Apple logos, and the third-generation iPad has an iCloud cloud service sticker. A quality tablet image should be drawn on the box, and the top cover of the package should be removed rather than moved out. On the back of the box there is a sticker with the serial number of the device that will determine which country the tablet was issued for.


Carefully examine the device’s configuration. The original charger, a computer cable that can be connected to the charger, and a manual in Russian must be present together with the device. Some fake iPads have mini- or microUSB support, while the original has a special connector that applies only to Apple products.


Examine the case of the device. The real iPad is quite heavy and made of high-quality metal. Counterfeits can be made of plastic covered in silver paint.

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