How to discount a game on PSP


One of the most common ways to add a new game is to transfer downloaded files from your computer. Using a PC allows you to find free games on the Internet and add them to your PSP console. For lovers of licensed software, you can register with Sony service directly from the console.


Download the game in iso or cso format. There are specialized resources where you can download the game for PSP (, You can also use a torrent. Torrent distributions allow you to download thousands of games for free. On you can find well-known games, novelties and apps for your console. Downloading a game using torrent tracker is one of the easiest ways to download.


Connect the console to your computer via a USB port. Under PSP Settings, select USB Connection. Wait for the green flashing of the indicator on the set-top box.


Copy the image of the game in iso format (cso) to a folder on the PSP memory media, such as Alias.iso to the PSP/Games folder.


Press your PSP button O, disconnect the console from your computer. Now you can select the installed game on the flash drive memory card. Go to the Memory Card menu, click Start New Game.


If you want to discount licensed games on your console without using a computer, sign up to the official PSP App Store ( site address is Sign up for the portal from the PlayStation Portable browser. Choose an app, pay for it with a plastic card (payment instructions are available on the website), from a mobile phone or using promo codes.


Download the paid app or game on the PSP. In the store, in addition to the programs themselves there are dozens of additions for them, making the gameplay even more interesting and exciting.

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