How to dial in Skype

You will need
  • – Skype program;
  • – microphone;
  • – headphones;
  • – webcam.

Using Skype, you can call the subscriber you are interested in both mobile phone and landline directly from computer. At the same time, you pay only for the Internet traffic you use. If you have unlimited internet, Skype communication will be free for you. You can simultaneously communicate on Skype with multiple subscribers.


Download from the official website and install the latest version of Skype, launch it. The installation process is simple, just follow the prompts that appear on the screen. After installation, run the program by clicking its shortcut on the desktop.


Check to see if you have a webcam and headphones connected with a microphone. After launching the program, you need to register and create a new user account. Fill in all fields of the form, accept the license agreement, click “Next”. In the new window, enter your email address and click “Sign in”.


The program is running, now you need to make settings. First of all, you need to set up your microphone and camera. Open “Tools” – “Settings”, in the window that appears, look for the audio parameters section and specify the devices you want. Save the changes. In the video settings, specify the webcam in the same way, test it. Save the changes.


Now you can start communicating via Skype. If you want to call a cell phone or landline, search and click the “Dial Number” tab. Select a country, enter a phone number (no country code), then press the green button with the handset icon and wait for a response. To stop the conversation, you should press the red button.


If you want to communicate with another Skype user, open “Contacts” – “Search for Skype Subscribers”. Enter the data you know in the search fields — name, nickname, email address and start the search. After the subscriber is found, right-click on his nickname, select “Call” from the context menu and wait for a response. You can add this nickname to the contact list — right-click it and select Add to Contact List from the context menu. Now you can call him or start messaging in chat.

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