How to create a store goods director

You will need
  • – computer;
  • – special programs;
  • – team of professionals;
  • – photos.

The success of the catalog primarily depends on its content. Provide as complete information about a particular product or service as possible. If you want to interest the customer, for example, cosmetic services, it is appropriate to give as an announcement some historical facts about her. In case you are distributing clothes, describe at the very beginning the benefits of a particular model. Don’t forget to check and literacy of the drafting of texts. Positioning itself as a solid company cannot give out to the consumer a product that contains a huge amount of errors and inconsistent information.


Be sure to arrange beautiful and bright photos. They will focus on a particular product or offering in your catalog. Alternatively, you can use animated pictures. They will increase the possibility of presenting the proposed categories. Besides, it can become your signature chip. Experts calculated – quality photos determine the success of the catalog page by 90%.


Consider what parameters you will divide goods or services into categories. It is necessary that the client does not break through a huge amount of information in search of the right one. Therefore, your task is to compile a catalog so that the person looking for a suitable sweater can find it literally in five minutes and in 2 clicks of the mouse by category. Here, as nowhere else is the principle relevant, the simpler the better.


Include in your catalog and technical section. With its help, the client should easily navigate prices, sizes, number of services, time, etc.


To create a catalog, use special layout and design programs.$ Such on the Internet is a huge number. Just take the finished template as a basis and fill it with the information and images you need. If you want to create your catalog from and to from scratch, hire a programmer who can make for you the basis of your future on-line or paper publication.

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