How to create a logo for a site

Newcomer, faced with the need to put into practice some web design solutions, often has significant difficulties due to lack of experience in cases of this kind. What ways do you have to create a logo for a website?

The first way is to seek help from professionals. There are a great many websites on the Internet that bring together freelancer-masters of web design. Among them you will definitely be able to choose someone who in a short time qualitatively and at an acceptable price will perform the work of creating a graphic drawing, which will become the main identifying feature Internet portal.

The second way is to create the website emblem yourself. You will need to learn the nuances of programs such as “CorelDraw” (to create a vector logo) or Adobe Photoshop (for a bitmap). In addition, basic knowledge in the field of design is important. Otherwise, having spent a lot of time mastering programs, it is unlikely to be possible to create a stylish and high-quality logo. A graphic drawing that reflects the subject of the site is created once and for all, so without having the skills to work with CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop, it is better to spend on professionals.

The third method is to find online logos generating services online. You can model the website emblem very quickly, but virtual generators have very limited functionality. Created by the template logo will not be a masterpiece of design design design and expect that it will fully respond to all requests of the owner of the Internet resource, do not have to. But he will definitely be able to give a little personality to the resource.

The fourth method is to download a program optimized for logos generation to your computer. It is easy to understand such a program, the execution of the logo will not require any expert skills, as along with a variety of tools, they usually put templates and blanks of logos.

Whether you work on your own website emblem or use third-party services, you need to keep in mind the criteria you need to meet quality logo. Their essence boils down to the following:

· uniqueness (graphic sign should be memorable and different from competitors);

· simplicity (should not be cluttered with insignia and multicomplex elements that will hypothetically distract the attention of visitors to the Internet portal);

· intelligibility (when creating combined logos it is considered a mistake to use Fun fonts, which are difficult to read, should also avoid dissonance in the sizes of icons and words);

· permanence (do not often experiment with graphic sign, let’s say only redesign individual elements, the basis cannot be changed);

· adaptability (the logo should be properly reflected on any devices, including laptops and iPhones).

Before you start creating an emblem of your own website, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of graphics that competitors use.

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