How to come up with team names and mottoes


When you

come up with a name to the team, show a lot of fancy, otherwise you will become one of the many groups with the name “Extreme” or “Young” tourist”. Refer to wildlife — choose the name of the fauna representative associated with the sport in which you compete, or just close to you in spirit. Then add the name of your city to it. The Irkutsk Bears or the Peter Lions are an appropriate name for a strong team.


You can ask for help not only biology and geography, but also history. After all, you can learn from there about so many brave individuals whose name will surely lift your morale. Crusaders, gladiators, children of Napoleon – with a similar name you will surely perform with dignity.


You can learn a name in popular cinema as well. “Magnificent Four”, “Avengers”, “300 Spartans”, “Daring and dashing” – such a team name will frighten any enemy.


Once your team’s name is chosen, it is necessary to come up with a motto. It usually consists of several rhymed lines designed to cheer you up and intimidate your opponent, as well as create a good mood for all participants before the competition. Fine if your team has a poet or at least a person capable of rhyming words. He won’t have trouble composing a couple of lines.


If the poetic gift bypassed your participants, the service “Assistant Poet” will help you. Write into a special form on the site the name of your team and the server will offer you words that rhyme with it. If you couldn’t pick up a rhyme that would fit in meaning — no trouble. Put the title in the middle of the line and pick up rhymes to the words “win”, “brave”, “favorites”, “behind us”. After that, you only have to make a proposal with them, which will make sense, and here is your motto ready.

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