How to clean mushrooms quick

To clean mushrooms quickly, it is necessary in the forest, when collecting them, to remove dented and affected by worms and insects, to clean them from leaves, needles. You’ll spend somewhat more time collecting, but shield yourself from extra cleaning at home.

In the kitchen, disassemble mushrooms by varieties and by the method of their processing, throw out those, the edibility of which you doubt. Put in different bunches those that plan to dry, fry, cook. It should be known that mushrooms are quite quickly spoilt product, so they need to be cooked as soon as possible, better within 3-4 hours.

Also note that some species of fungi contain rapidly oxidizing substances, due to which during a long stay in a warm room, fungi become dark and acquire unattractive kind (like redheads). Therefore, it is better to put a basket with “prey” in a well-blown room or immediately lower the mushrooms into slightly salted cool water (citric acid can be added instead of salt).

After that with the help of a knife once again remove all darkened parts and wormholes, it should be remembered that mushrooms worm quite quickly, also brush the legs with brushing movements. Do the cheese and oil remove the skin from the hat, it removes quite easily. In mushrooms having a tubular hat, it is better to remove this part of it.

After the mushrooms have been removed it is necessary to rinse them, but it should be done quickly. It is best for this to use a colander, put the product in it and place under a jet of cold water. Leave the mushrooms so for a while to excess water glass, and slice for further cooking. Those mushrooms that you will dry, don’t rinse, just shake off them with any brush all the garbage and cut into parts of the right size.

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