How to choose an ultrasonic dental brist


Note the name of the ultrasonic toothbrush manufacturer. The devices manufactured by companies such as Ultrasonex, VS, Megasonex or Donfeel are known all over the world because they are exclusively used for quality and proven parts. Particular attention is paid to the most expensive elements of the brush (piezoelectric oscillation generator, control microprocessor, USM-motor).


See what power item is needed to work the brush. It could be batteries or batteries. Specialists recommend preferring rechargeable devices because they do not need frequent recharging and purchase them more economically than conventional devices batteries.


When buying, read sanitary and epidemiological conclusions and certificates of ultrasonic brush. This will prevent the appearance of possible negative effects on dental and oral health.


Hold a brush in your palm. Its weight should be so that the brush can be easily manipulated, it should be approximately 200 g.


An important criterion in the selection of an ultrasonic product is the degree of stiffness and the material used to make bristles. For those whose gums are prone to bleeding and inflammation, a device with soft bristles will be suitable. For more thorough brushing of teeth with strong healthy gums it is necessary to choose bristles of medium stiffness. It is desirable that it be synthetic rather than natural. Synthetics are much hygienic and have a longer life.


Hold the brush in your hand as if you were brushing her teeth to appreciate the convenience of the handle. Please note that children are more comfortable to use the product with a thicker handle. It is desirable to have rubberized elements that prevent the device from slipping out of hands.

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