How to choose an air cleaner


Air purifiers equipped with electrostatic filters remove only 90% of the dust available in the air, so in the house , where asthmatics, allergies and young children live better to use a different kind of air cleaner. Dust attracting electrostatic filters are easy to clean and do not require permanent replacement.


If you need a highly purified device capable of cleaning the air in the room of unpleasant odors, dust, wool pets and other contaminants, prefer an air cleaner with a Nera filter. The filter included in the design of this device acts as a continuous obstacle for even the smallest dusters and microorganisms, leaving them no chance of further travel around the room. Replacement of air purifier filters should be made every six months.


Ionizers do not collect dust inside the instrument, but deposit it on horizontal surfaces present in the room. Such a device will eliminate regular replacement of filters, and therefore also from additional cash costs. When choosing an air-purifier, be prepared for regular collection of settled dust with a vacuum cleaner or wet rag.



choice of photocatalytic air purifiers should be those who wish not only to clean, but also to regularly decontaminate the air in the room. The interaction of UV light sources and catalysts included in the instrument design contributes to the decomposition of toxic chemical compounds and the destruction of microorganisms.


When selecting an air cleaner, be sure to consider the size of the room in which it will be used. If you decide to install the device in a particular room, its service area must correspond to the area of the room. If you plan to move the device from one room to another, choose an air cleaner with a service area that will fit the size of the largest room. So the air in the rooms will be cleaned much faster and better.


If you want to use an air cleaner around the clock, buy low-power appliances. The level of this parameter is specified in the instructions attached to the air cleaner.


People who do not want to hear extraneous noise in their home, it is better to prefer an air cleaner equipped with a night mode of operation. Excellent options for such people will be absolutely silent air cleaners, ionizers and photocatalytic devices.


Depending on the location, air purifiers are divided into floor, wall mounted and inserted directly into the socket. Choose the model correctly, otherwise the device you bought will not cope with the tasks and will be useless for you.

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