How to choose a wobbler


There is no special wobbler for certain fish. On a case-by-case basis, determined by the water’s depth, its transparency, flow rate, and other factors, the wobbler will behave differently. The same applies to the fish itself, which can change its behavior depending on many factors. Therefore, the choice of wobbler fisherman determines, first of all, based on his experience.

Consultants in stores should listen only if they tell you about their own experience of fishing for a given wobbler in a particular place where you plan to go. And general words about wobblers won’t help you.


Wobblers have several classifications, each category has its own characteristics, making them more suitable for catching under certain conditions. It is most reasonable to first define a category, and already to select specific wobblers of this type, relying on experience and intuition.


By degree of buoyancy, wobblers are divided into three species – floating, sinking and suspender. Floaters are designed to catch fish near the surface, sinking – at a depth of, and suspenders – in the water column.


Different wobblers and size, and when choosing the size you need to focus not only on the size of the fish you are going to hunt, but also on Strength of your spinning: too big a wobbler can break the unsuitable spinning for it when cutting.



shape of the wobbler depends on how he will behave in the water, that is, how he will play. Shapes of wobblers are many For fast flowing fishing, fussy wobblers type shad, similar to tadpoles, are best suited. In shallow waters, wobblers of the type minnow are more commonly used, in shape they resemble a pinkhole or a pescara. Usually such wobblers are very well managed, that is, you can get from them the right nature of movement.


Color is very important for the wobbler, but about its choice is essentially impossible to say anything, since the reaction of the fish to a particular color in a particular body of water depends on many factors, if you manage to find your catchy wobbler – rejoice.

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