How to choose a lubricant

Applying lubricant helps to get during sex maximum pleasure. Playing the role of extra lubricant, it improves gliding and adds sensitivity. To do this, you need to choose the right lubricant, when choosing which you need to take into account contraceptives and sex toys used during intercourse. To make the right choice, it is quite enough to know the main lubricant species.


species There are three types of lubricants, distinguished between themselves by the base, which may be:

– aquatic;
– oil;
– silicone.

Water-based grease is recognized as the most common. It combines perfectly with different types of contraceptives, easily flushed and extremely rarely causes an allergic reaction. But such lubricants dry out quickly, although it is possible to correct this position with saliva or regular water. It is advisable to choose non-aromatized and colorless lubricants with minimal amounts of glycerol and sugar in their composition. The

oil-based lubricant is ideal for masturbation. Its composition includes Vaseline and Vitamin E. It cannot be used with latex made condoms and rubber sex toys at the same time. The fats contained in such lubricant are capable of breaking down latex, which is the main component of the condom in a matter of minutes. It is also worth noting that traces from such lubrication due to a sufficiently sticky structure is difficult to remove from the fabric.

Silicone based lubrication is characterized by a longer action. It goes perfectly with sex toys made from latex. But it can cause irritation, and therefore before use it is recommended to apply a small amount of lubricant on the skin and follow its reaction.

Rules of buying lubricants

The purchase of lubricant should be treated with all responsibility. And studying its species for this is not enough, it is necessary to remember several more rules, following which will allow to purchase a quality product.

Such products cannot be purchased at hand or on the market. Lubricant, before hitting the counter, must pass mandatory quality control, which is most likely when buying lubricant in specialty stores or pharmacy.

You can’t confuse vaginal lubricants with anal ones. For anal sex it is necessary to acquire only a special anal lubricant, which contributes to the reduction of pain sensations and relaxation of the muscles of the anus, for traditional intercourse it is not suitable.

It is advisable to use the lubrication of well-known brands such as LUBREX, Jonson & Jonson, Faberlic, CONTEX, DUREX. But that doesn’t mean lubricants of new or domestic producers, are bad. It is best to visit your gynecologist and take tests on the basis of which he will select the most suitable option. A sexologist who knows about lubricants, if not all, is a great deal.

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