How to certify a workplace

You will need
  • – Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated April 26, 2011 â„–342n.

Read the concept of “workplace certification”. In essence, this exercise is a comprehensive assessment of the conditions of activity at specific workplaces.$ The purpose of certification is to identify dangerous and harmful factors of production, as well as to develop measures that allow to bring working conditions into line with the requirements of standards.


Modify the additional objectives of job certification. During this event, it is common to prepare a roll call list of workers who must undergo a regular medical check-up. If the work is carried out under harmful conditions, proposals are made to provide jobs with personal protective equipment. To protect employees in cases of injury, the certification provision provides for a system of discounts or, conversely, premiums to insurance rates.


Determine the dates of certification activities. Under the current provision, any workplace must be certified once every five years. For the date of the beginning of the events, the day of publication at the enterprise of the order on approval of the roll call composition of the certification commission is taken. Keep in mind that when you organize new jobs, change technological processes or significantly change functional responsibilities, it is possible to perform certification in an unplanned manner.


Make a list of persons who will be part of the certification committee and prepare a draft order. The commission should include heads of business units, personnel service, medical professionals and representatives of trade unions. Schedule of certification measures should become an annex to the order of the enterprise.


Organize the commission’s implementation of planned activities within the framework of the certification. Members of the commission consistently assess working conditions at each of the workplaces, compliance of the conditions of activity with standards of hygiene, risk of injury, availability and serviceability of funds personal protection.$


According to the results of the certification, perform a comprehensive and complete assessment of working conditions. The outcome of this work is an order to complete the certification, to which the summary statement is annexed. Where necessary, an explanatory note shall be drawn up with proposals for the results of the certification activities. A list of certified jobs is sent to the labor inspectorate.

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