How to brew chamomile for bathing

You will need
  • – daisy medicinal;
  • – gauze;
  • – thermos.

Very often newborns are bathed in water with the addition of decoctions from herbs. Their beneficial substances penetrate the pores of the skin and have a healing effect. Thanks to herbal baths it is possible to reduce itching and remove irritations on the skin, chamomile decoction has antibacterial effect, removes dead cells and helps to heal the umbilical wound. It is recommended to alternate chamomile with a string, oak bark and marigold to prevent allergies.


It is not recommended to collect herbs by hand, as you may be wrong with the timing of collection. In addition, chamomile can grow on contaminated soil. No need to risk a child’s health. Buy chamomile only from the pharmacy, it guarantees chemical and radiological safety. The mass of chamomile per bath should not exceed 30 grams, a more saturated infusion can cause allergies.


Brew the chamomile should be as follows: pour a tablespoon of grass with a liter of steep boiling water. Insist in the thermos for ten minutes. Then strain it through a double layer of gauze and pour into a prepared bath of boiled water. The chamomile bathroom for the baby is ready. Before bathing, it is recommended to make a skin sample to prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction. To do this, apply a little decoction on the skin of the newborn and wait half an hour. If suddenly there is redness, then such decoction should not be used for the baby.


The water temperature in the bathing bath of the child shall not exceed 37°C. The duration of the water procedure is 10-15 minutes (start with a five-minute swim, gradually increase the time). Don’t abuse herbal baths, it will be enough three times a week. Make sure the child doesn’t swallow water in the process. Do not rinse the baby after the chamomile bath, then the healing effect of this procedure will last much longer.

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