How to boost testosteron

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man a man. It is responsible for the growth of vegetation on the face, for building muscle mass, making the person attractive to the opposite sex.

If there is a malnutrition of this hormone in the body, the following signs appear: irritability, lethargy, apathy. A man has much less impact on people around him when his body lacks this component of the hormonal system.


The first thing you should get rid of the stress in your life. What is stress? For the most part, it is a hormone that is released in the adrenal glands called cortisol. It is one of the most energy-efficient in the human body because it was originally created for the survival of our ancestors in the wild.

Therefore, when you have frequent stress, both physical and emotional, your body has nothing but give hundreds of units of energy to create cortisol. It follows that with testosterone, they are antagonists when the first is elevated, the lowest content of the second.


One of the most important aspects in establishing a hormonal background is eating stabilization. One of the first things you should exclude from your life is frequent snacking, 6-8 meals a day. This clearly leads to a deterioration in health due to the fact that you wear out your hormonal background, which is responsible for absorbing food. It is necessary to give the digestive tract and the hormonal system to rest.

It is also worth noting that any sweets, sodas, fast food and semi-finished products is a direct way to reduce testosterone levels and acquire a bad habit — overeating. This includes cigarettes, alcohol. The fact is that these factors strongly influence the production of female sex hormone – estrogen. There will be another hormonal imbalance that will lead to irritability, poor wellness, headaches, and like “cherry on cake” – reduced levels of male sex hormone.


The main restorative processes occur in our body at night: the production of vital growth hormone, testosterone. When you set up your regime, you will sleep for 7-8 hours daily, there will be a significant increase in strength, energy, there will be an absolute minimum of problems with the level of male hormone.

Training and activity An important aspect of the path to strong men’s health is training. Strength, heavy loads, it is during them that there is a giant spike in testosterone and many other anabolic hormones that contribute to the establishment of vital processes in the body men. Don’t forget about the regular 10,000 steps a day — this will keep the metabolism in tone, speed it up, this in turn indirectly affects the hormonal level.

In summary, you should exclude all bad habits from life, establish nutrition, stop using fractional type of eating. Minimize all possible stressors and do not forget about healthy sleep in combination with healthy and regular training on all muscle groups.

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