How to behave with Weights


Usually Libra is very pleasant people, they are non-malevolent, do not like to offend others, always ready to help, so communicate and conduct business with them one pleasure, but only until their dark side manifests itself. Turning good Libra into a spiteful and moody person is always surprising, but one must be prepared for it and not be offended, after all, everyone has its own flaws. Soon, the attack of malice will pass, and you will again face a charming personality that everyone would like to see in their friends.


Scales are amazingly able to predict the future, so first, don’t try to deceive them, because they see what your words and actions will turn out actually, and secondly, use their gift of foresight, listen to their advice and assessments of the situation, and then no trouble will take you by surprise.


Just as between good and evil balance the Libra between passivity and activity: today such a man will drag you into the foot. hike for tens of kilometers, another time it will be difficult to pull out for a little walk. The simmering activity is replaced by periods of complete apathy, if you want to have a friendly relationship with Libra, these differences need to be taken into account.


Scales, which perfectly analyze other people’s actions, often point people to mistakes in rough form, it doesn’t need to be offended, they don’t want to offend you, they want to help. Libra is a significant sign, so do not be surprised if you will remember some events of twenty years ago, so try to always think about what can be said to the scales and what can’t be. These are not the people who forget all grievances after 10 minutes.


Libra is endowed with a sharp sense of justice, so expect from people honest direct actions, try to trust their partners, so in their face You can find loyal allies for life, the main thing is not to disappoint them, as one mistake on your part can cause Libra to permanently put a cross on you.

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