How to behave when familiarity


Make sure the place where you are is suitable for dating. If you see a person rushing through his business, it might be better to approach him under more conducive circumstances. It is best to get acquainted in the appropriate setting: in the park, in the cafe, in the club and other entertainment establishments.


Get to know the person closer. Ask him simple questions about what he does, what his interests and hobbies, tastes and addictions, etc. Then tell him about himself in the same vein, but don’t praise yourself and say nothing false.


Behave naturally. No need to pretend to be someone else and invent non-existent traits of your character. Show yourself to who you really are, avoid false and unnecessary details. Do not delve into details, tell only what your acquaintance needs to know first of all


Show attention to the interlocutor. Don’t interrupt the person and don’t show everyone with your kind that you’re bored of listening, better try in a last resort to seamlessly translate the conversation to another topic. Remember civility and the culture of speech. Speak intelligently, make sure the interviewee understands you, and he is also interested in listening.


Keep positive and smile more. Look the interlocutor in the eye. You can even touch it slightly, but only if you already feel free when talking.


End your meeting by thanking the interlocutor for having a good time with him. Tell me you were very pleased to have a chat. If everything went well, you can ask if your new familiar plans for one day or another, and agree on a new meeting. It is also advisable to exchange contact details: leave your phone number or email address. For farewell you can embrace a person or shake his hand.

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