How to behave if the guy is younger;


Feel free to say the guy is younger than you. Pay more attention not to age but to a young man’s mind fold, see how fit he suits you, whether he shares your interests, whether he contributes to a relationship. Often younger people are very romantic. If no matter what the guy strives to be with you, then loves you, and that is the determining factor in the relationship.


Behave intelligently. No need to set up hysterics and scandals to your boyfriend, as well as be jealous of him. Perhaps the young man is worried for not taking him seriously, and constant reproaches to him will further reinforce this opinion.


Remember that relationships are capable of changing people. Probably a young person will be under quite a bit of influence on your part as you have a somewhat greater life experience, a more formed position, etc. If you love a guy and want to build a long relationship with him, be very careful with words and actions not to become a negative example for him.


Try not to impose your tastes and habits on the guy, as because of the age difference they may vary somewhat. Be patient and tactful. Gradually, the young man will begin to understand your interests and perhaps also share them with you.


Take advantage of being cavalier younger than you. Try to look younger than your years. Watch your appearance and figure, lead a healthy lifestyle, recharge with energy and positive from a young person.



not listen to your acquaintances and relatives who will try to condemn this kind of relationship. Such people are always. Listen only to your feelings, and if you’re really happy with that person, no age difference can ever separate you.

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