How to become a military prosecutor

Where does a future military prosecutor study?

country’s main institution of higher education, training army and naval prosecutors, is the Military University of the Ministry of Defence. More precisely, its prosecutorial and investigative faculty. Another resource is the requalification of graduates of civil law universities who have already served in the army.

The Department of Public Prosecutor and Investigation of the Military University of the Russian Ministry of Defence was established in July 1993 at the Military Academy of Economics, Finance and Law. The following year the faculty became a division of the university.

Who is accepted?

Only young people aged 16—22 with secondary education have a chance to become university applicants. For those who have passed Army school or are in urgent or contracted service, the age limit is just over at 24 years.

Having decided to enter, the future cadet must definitely write a detailed and honest autobiography. Together with the description, documents on excellent health, availability of at least secondary education and statement it must be brought to the local military commissioner. He will send the papers to Moscow.

You want to become a prosecutor — become an athlete

addition to oral and written admissions examinations — essay, social studies and history of Russia — future cadets pass serious medical examination and testing at a psychologist. In addition, they take credit for physical fitness.

To achieve the “excellent” rating, you need to run the 3000 m cross in 12—13.5 minutes, overcome the 100 m track and field distance in 13.6—14.2 seconds, pull up on the crossbar 11—13 times and swim a 100-meter for 1.40. And the requirements for military personnel at the commission are somewhat higher than for still civilians.

All physical exercises are performed by applicants within one day, immediately after passing a medical commission. Only one attempt is usually given to obtain a grade. Repeat is only possible as an exception.

Gender discrimination

Girls to become military prosecutors and investigators in our country are not allowed yet, so there is a clear gender discrimination.$

According to the heads of the university, this is due to the fact that the cadets of the first and second year are actually ordinary conscripts who only have to become military personnel. And to build separate barracks for girls, to carry out with them construction and sports classes, field exercises and shooting command is clearly not in a hurry.

Although the example of Ryazan higher airborne command school, in which the same girls are engaged on a par with guys, suggests quite the opposite. In 2013, this school graduated, becoming lieutenants of airborne forces, at once 14 girls from the first set.

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