How to be a healthy man


Get rid of bad habits. Alcohol abuse and smoking have a colossal negative effect on the body. And if good alcohol in very moderate doses can even be useful, then any cigarette is pure poison that degrades the state of literally all the body’s systems.


Rash out. The amount of sleep required for normal wellbeing is individually for each person, but everyone knows exactly when they’ve slept and when they haven’t. So, when waking it is necessary to always feel yourself asleep. And it is necessary to sleep at night, the ideal time to go to sleep – 10 o’clock in the evening. If you sleep in the dark, melatonin is produced in the body – a hormone that helps to recover and strengthens immunity. Already after 20 years of this hormone begins the body critically lacking, and to make up for its lack allows only full sleep at night.


Play sports. Good muscle mass resulting from strength training tones the whole body, makes it work better, makes it younger. Aerobic loads such as running, swimming, fitness strengthen the heart and vessels. People who regularly play sports have a significant reduction in their blood cholesterol. In men, testosterone levels increase during class, which directly affects potency. To list all the pros that the body receives from sports, you will need a whole book.


Eat right. Your diet should contain all the substances necessary to the body, and at the same time do not contain harmful substances. Healthy eating is very simple, it is enough to give up fat, sweet and flour. The obesity that awaits almost everyone who doesn’t follow these rules is a scary thing, a fat man can forget about what it is to be healthy.


So, good sleep, healthy eating, playing sports and abandoning bad habits are the basics on which a man’s health is kept. But it is possible to get sick even if you follow all previous recommendations, so once a year it is necessary to undergo a routine examination with the doctor to recognize any disease at an early stage.

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