How to avoid early miscarriage


If a pregnancy is planned, for normal course start taking folic acid in advance. Taking this drug doctors recommend up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.


Don’t delay the first visit to the doctor. Often one of the causes of early miscarriage is hormonal failures (particularly progesterone deficiency), and this problem is solved. Another cause of miscarriage in early terms is too strong the immune system, which provokes rejection of the fetus (this problem is solved medically, that is, by taking drugs, $ suppressing immunity). At the first appointment, the doctor will appoint a study and, taking into account your individual features, will make the necessary appointments


Proceed spontaneous termination of pregnancy early may be sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, syphilis and etc). Pathogenic bacteria and viruses infect the fetus and cause damage to the fetal membranes, due to which miscarriage occurs. To prevent it, complete a course of treatment before the onset of pregnancy. If infection occurred during pregnancy, start treatment as quickly as possible: this will reduce the risk of miscarriage and the degree of negative effect on the fetus. Torch infections, in particular, herpes and rubella, can also cause miscarriage. In order not to pick up this “contagion”, try without need not appear in crowded places (especially in the cold season), and also do not hypothermia.


Protect yourself from excessive stresses. If for some life circumstances it is impossible to protect yourself from stressful situations, discuss with your doctor what sedatives you better drink (for example, it can be a valeryanka), and start taking them. Also relax more often and do not be lazy to do outdoor hiking.


In no case do not self-medicate: for example, improperly selected sedatives will harm the fetus and trigger miscarriage. In addition, hormonal contraceptives and some painkillers (in particular, narcotic analgesics) can cause termination of pregnancy. No less harmless medicinal herbs: cornflower, pyjma, animal in general contraindicated at the early terms of pregnancy.


Review your diet. During this period, all the basic systems of life of the crumbs are laid, so your diet should be balanced and healthy: bigger vegetables, meat, fish, curd, hard cheeses, bread and baked goods made of wholemeal flour, etc. No smoked and spicy food! Eat food in small portions in 6-7 receptions. Even with severe toxicosis, don’t give up food: listen to your body’s desires. Also remember that pregnancy is negatively affected by smoking, alcohol abuse and other bad habits.


Heed the doctor’s recommendations for physical intimacy. Stormy, rough and deep sex can trigger a miscarriage.


Give up taking a hot bath in favor of a warm shower. Also remember that the physical exertions of the pregnant woman are necessary, but they must be within reasonable limits (no weight: maximum permissible weight for a woman is 5 kg).

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