How to apply elastic band


Elastic bandages are convenient in that they do not stretch or deform unlike gauze. Therefore, the bandage does not slide and thanks to its structure ensures the desired fixation. Another advantage lies in the possibility of reusable such bandage.


By acquiring an elastic bandage, it is necessary to determine the required degree of tensile. In post-traumatic ligation, high or medium tensile bandage is required. For preventive purposes, it is better to use the bandage of low tensile. For different parts of the body, different bandage length may be required:
– radiocarpal joint
– 1-1,5 m; – ankle – 2 m;
– knee joint – 3 m;
– ulnar joint – 2-2,5 m.


Fixing the elastic bandage, certain rules should be taken into account. You should overlay from the bottom to the top. Apply the bandage with uniform tension, this will help avoid the formation of folds. Binding will be more convenient, unwinding the tape outward. Moreover, each subsequent turnover should overlap the previous one by a third so as not to allow illuminations between the turns. Finish the edge of the bandage with a safe pin.


It is also necessary to know that when bandage of the radio-carpal joint, the elastic bandage should be applied, starting from the point of the fingers of the brush and ending with the middle of the forearm. The elbow joint is bandaged from the middle of the forearm to the middle of the shoulder. The ankle must be bandaged from the toes of the foot to the middle of the tibia. In case of a knee problem, you need to start at the middle of the lower leg and finish at the middle of the thigh.


By applying the bandage, it is impossible to squeeze the vessels – it can disrupt the circulation and cause unwanted swelling. If numbness appears in the fingers after the ligation and there is a ripple under the bandage, it must be removed and a light massage of this limb. In case of injuries, use of the dressing is recommended only in moments of activity. After that, the elastic bandage should be removed.

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