How the sex of the child used to be defined


In the old woman, to learn the gender of the future child, used mostly fortune-telling. So, it was possible to guess who the pregnant woman wears, even in the early terms. For example, it was thought that if the woman in labor starts to eat bread from meat, she waits for a girl, and if from a hunchback – a boy.

Also the woman on demolition was asked to sit on a flat surface and then climb without the help of outsiders. If a woman stood up leaning on her right hand, it means she carried out a boy, if on the left – a girl.

A woman in an interesting position took a key that lay on any horizontal surface. According to this divination, if a woman takes the key for the foundation, she is waiting for a daughter, if for the oval – a son.

To determine the gender of the child, the expectant mother was asked to show her hands. It was believed that if she showed them back side, there would be a boy if the turnover was a girl.

Through the wedding ring, a chain was carried, or a medallion was taken on the chain, and hung it over the woman’s belly in position. If a ring or medallion swings like a pendulum, a girl is expected, and if you make circular rotations – a boy.

People’s signs

Along with fortune-telling were also popular signs to determine the sex of the future child. So, it was thought that if a woman on demolition sleeps on the right side, she will have a daughter, and if on the left – a son. If a woman was good during pregnancy, it means she was expecting a boy, and if she doped, a girl.

If a pregnant woman flocked during meals, she was asked to name any number. According to the number named guessed the letter of the alphabet and asked it to name a name beginning with that letter. If the woman in labor called a masculine name, it was thought that she was expecting a boy, the feminine was a girl.

If a pregnant woman eats a lot, especially meat, canned foods, it was said that she bore her son, and if she was pulled on cakes, cakes, candy — daughter.

If the expectant mother had increased hair cover on the lower limbs, it suggested the soon birth of the boy.


, however, perhaps the most accurate method were observations that are not let down until now. So, still in villages determine the sex of the child by the appearance of the belly of the expectant mother: if the belly of the pregnant woman is “pointed”, that is, has a pronounced oblong, the woman waits for a son, but if the belly rounded, “glazed” – there will be a daughter.

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