How the exhibitions


To participate in the exhibition, the dog must be pedigree and have a pedigree like that of the hereditary aristocrat. It must be fully compliant with the exterior of the breed, without special defects affecting compliance. Also according to the animal’s temperament, its training and full compliance with the sex characteristics of the species.


In order to participate in the exhibition, the age of the dog is not important. It is just that the exhibitions themselves take place in different age categories. From puppies, age 3-6 months, to veterans, age older than eight years. A mark about the category is set the day before the opening of the exhibition itself, that is, if the day before the opening of the puppy was 6 months old, he will participate in the youngest group, even if in a day it turns 7 months. In order to participate in the most prestigious class of champions, you will have to wait for your pet to be 15 months old.


Since puppies and adult dogs compete separately, then and the rewards for them are different. So, puppies are awarded with ribbons, the color differentiation of which depends on the perspective of the puppy according to the commission. They viscate from red to green. Green ribbon is given to puppies who have been recognized as unpromising. Those older, or juniors – color gradation is more extensive. From excellent red, satisfactory yellow and white when the puppy is disqualified at all. Green already means a grade of “good.”


Dogs that are no longer considered puppies can get at the exhibition a whole number of titles. The titles of champions of the club, the best representatives of breed, the best among males and bitches, the winner of the class are awarded, as well as the certificate of conformity is awarded. All titles are given to dogs in exhibitions if they have lineages in which no fewer than three generations of ancestors in the breed are recognized. Well, in order for the dog to be recognized as the champion of Russia, it must take part in a number of exhibitions, such as the regional “Candidate for Federation Champions”, the All-Russian “Federation Champion” and National Exhibition. And get six certificates from different judges at these exhibitions. Or four certificates if one of them is obtained at an international exhibition.


Dog Shows, it’s a special show with its own specific atmosphere. Where else can you see such a number of pedigree, well-trained dogs at the same time? Dog shows are a spectacle where hosts demonstrate both the beauty of their pets and what they have been able to teach them. Well, of course it also sports competition for title and titles. It is possible to describe it long and beautiful, but it is the very case when it is better to look once than to read a hundred times.

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