How the Earth looked early


Man appeared on Earth several million years ago. But the development of civilization and the change of the Earth can only be talked about in the last 4 thousand years. When the two-legged creation first started sowing fields, uprooting trees, then things began to change. Of course, people at that time, without having the necessary tools, did not cut down the forest hectares, did not drain huge swamps, but the desire to conquer the surrounding world was born just then.


Earth before human activity began was a very green planet. It was plants that were present on 85% of its surface. Each climate had its species. Even the Sahara desert was like an oasis where rivers flowed and grasses grew. The territory of modern Europe had dense forests, and the Americas was covered in jungle.


Earth in the past was distinguished by harmonious development. Nature is a self-regulating system where flora and fauna interact and create optimal conditions. Man at that time also lived in unity with the environment. It depended entirely on the weather, on the number of animals around. While gathering and hunting were the main pursuits, groups of people were constantly moved to parts of the Earth where food was. They behaved like herds of animals who choose the very best conditions for themselves.


When man learned to grow grains and other food crops, he began a settled existence. The first fortified cities appeared, dependence on nature was decreasing. The period of soil development has begun. To build houses, forests were cut down, the landscape of the planet changed. At first it happened in separate regions, for example in ancient Egypt, but gradually settled Europe, developed civilizations in the East.


Human development has led to the draining of rivers and lakes, to the change in the course of rivers, to the creation of reservoirs. Disruption of water balance caused drying of soils in certain regions, so deserts began to grow. Decreasing green space led to ozone holes, and exploitation of the earth’s subsoil, mining affected even the Earth’s magnetic field. From a pristine world with a harmonious course of life, the planet has become a place where man dominates, without always understanding the consequences of his actions.

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