How proteins affect potential

You will need
  • – whey protein;
  • – soy protein;
  • – gym;
  • – natural products.

Protein is an active dietary supplement that has 80% protein in its composition. The protein contained in the protein undergoes the process of purification of carbohydrates and fats, and the result is the same protein as in foods. Of course, this element cannot adversely affect the potency of a man.


The most sought-after protein is serum, it helps to quickly gain muscle weight without any harm to health. Such a protein can be an insulator or a concentrate.


Negative effects may be observed when using a substandard or cheap protein containing soybeans. This protein contains phytoestrogens – analogues of female sex hormones, which have a negative effect on potency. It is worth noting that the action on potency as a result of taking soy protein is not observed in all men. In many members of the strong sex, potency is quite high, and therefore soy does not cause much harm. However, for your own peace of mind it is better to use purified serum protein.


More harm to potency can be done not so much by protein, but by misorganized physical exertions. Starting strength training significantly increases testosterone levels in the blood, and this increase persists for 60 minutes. After that, the level starts to decline, but only with good rest. Powerful and frequent training leads to debilitation of the body, and as a result there can be a flux of potency. Against the background of severe depletion of physical energy, potency can abyss altogether.


Of course, the main portion of such a building element as protein male body should receive not from supplements, but eating healthy food. Eat foods such as eggs, milk, cottage cheese, fish, do not forget about consultations with your doctor about dosage of active supplements. The specialist will carefully calculate a portion of protein suitable for you by parameters.

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