How not to fall asleep behind the wheel



possible, do not go on a long way if you feel tired or have not slept. Sometimes even a short (hour and a half) sleep is enough to feel cheerfulness. It is especially important to rest before night trips. Consider your own biorhythms — if your activity drops around the same time daily, don’t plan trips during that period.


On a long trip, try to stop regularly. As soon as you feel signs of fatigue — reduced concentration, desire to close your eyes — immediately stop and try to break 15-20 minutes or, on the contrary, get out of the car and vigorously move, jump, walk, grind to cool water.


If you’re not driving alone, ask a fellow traveler to talk to you, ask questions without distracting from the road, but also not letting sleep. If you notice that your passenger is starting to doze himself, try to transplant him into the back seat, otherwise the sight of the sleeping man and his measured breath will put you to sleep as well.


Coffee and energy drinks are a great way to maintain vivacity long enough, but it’s important not to overdo it — a large number of caffeine depresses the nervous system, reduces the ability to concentrate, increases pressure and has a detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system. To make the coffee better acted, it is better not to drink at once little, and often to eat on the throat.


Music is able to both disperse the nap and, on the contrary, put you to sleep. It is best to include radio so that musical compositions are interspersed with advertising pauses and talk by radio hosts. If you notice that you fall asleep and music, start singing.


Open the window or turn on the air conditioner – if you are cool, you are unlikely to be able to sleep at the wheel, moreover the fresh air is perfectly invigorated. Try to smoke less, otherwise the feeling of fatigue will only intensify. Good helps to cheer up the rubbing of the ears and palms, light massage of the collar area.

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