How Nicotine Harms in Cigarets

Nicotine is a powerful poison that is produced by plants in order to scare off insects. But one of the properties of nicotine is the ability to be addictive on a physical level. It should be noted that the very process of giving up nicotine while quitting smoking is not a painful process at all and would have gone unnoticed if it were not for psychological dependence on cigarettes as a ritual, $ caused by years of “brainwashing” by media and pseudo-art. The harm from the nicotine it causes to the body is at one of the last places among the factors in the destruction of the body by the smoking process.

How nicotine in cigarettes harms the human body

When tightened by tobacco smoke, nicotine enters the blood and brain in a few seconds and instantly begins to constrict the vessels, which causes load on the heart and, as a result, on the entire human circulatory system.

Nicotine especially strongly clogs small vessels on the skin, which leads to its active premature aging. Doctors even have this classification as “smoker’s face.”

In the process of many years of smoking, nicotine accumulates in all tissues and organs, including bones, where it certainly does not belong. The inhabitant can hear on TV that nicotine is also contained in the human body and even participates in its life. This is not the truth, but only the manipulation of terminology, since the nicotine that the body produces on its own is called endogenous, and the nicotine that goes into the process of smoking is exogenous, that is alien to our body.

From the first tightening occurs so that endogenous nicotine stops being produced, replaced entirely by nicotine from cigarettes. And, being a neurotransmitter, nicotine is incorporated into the process of signal exchange between brain cells, beginning to control a person’s mood and his intellectual tone. This is how addiction is formed at the physiological level, and the person continues to smoke just to feel normal. He becomes a nicotine addict.

Unknowable harm from nicotine in cigarettes

Since nicotine completely begins to manage the mood of a person, he continues to smoke only to avoid experiencing imaginary flour from giving up nicotine. Nicotine keeps a man on the hook and the smoker continues to be dragged down by smoke containing carbon dioxide and thousands of chemicals. If cigarettes didn’t contain nicotine, people would never smoke them. A grown man in his right mind will not inhale smoke from a campfire or burning flowers.

Carbon monoxide has a blood clotting property, and nicotine constricts the vessels. Thus, the heart literally bursts, pumping thick blood over narrow vessels. A nicotine trap forces and inhale resins, leading to cancer.

The desire to feel normal again, and in fact to regain the psychological tone that a person had prior to addiction to nicotine, makes an adult and a smart person smoking cigarettes full of carbon monoxide and resins. Nicotine is a drug that causes cigarettes to smoke that destroy the body and reduce self-esteem. Nicotine is a harmful component in any form. A cigarette, cigar or tube are dangerous equally, despite the difference in the smoking process.

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