How much tea a day

How much green tea to drink a day?

Green tea is considered a more useful drink compared to black. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, removes toxins from the body, has antioxidants that slow down the aging process, stimulates the work of the kidneys, has diuretic effect, normalizes metabolism and even treats burns. Substances contained in green tea split fat, lower cholesterol, give the drink antibacterial and antiviral effects.

Green tea is less common in Russia than black, although in the homeland of tea — in China — this variety is appreciated most, and “red tea” (so they called black varieties) is grown mostly for sale.

But green tea contains a lot of caffeine, which in small amounts gives the drink tonic properties, but in large ones can hurt — disturb the work of the heart and vessels, transport the nervous system. So it’s very important to brew it properly and drink a certain amount a day. Doctors recommend drinking no more than ten cups of underbrewed tea a day. Pregnant women, people suffering from insomnia, tachycardia and diseases of the nervous system, it is desirable to lower this norm slightly.

Despite the high caffeine content, you should not fear the negative effects of tea on the body — not everyone can drink ten cups a day, in addition, for brewing some leaves are necessary , so the drink produces less caffeine than coffee. Far greater harm is to the health of substandard tea or surrogates that were not made from tea leaf.

Also watch for the proper preparation of tea: it does not need to be boiled, it is not necessary to warm up the brew for a long time, it is desirable to drink only freshly brewed drink.

How much black tea to drink a day?

Black tea differs from green only in the way of preparation — it undergoes complete fermentation, thanks to which it acquires a rich dark color and bright taste. The heavily fermented leaves are stored better, so it became more popular with Europeans who had to transport this commodity from China and India.

Black tea is considered less useful because during the preparation process loses some of its properties, although it also has a positive effect on human health. This drink increases immunity, eliminates the body from unnecessary substances, stimulates brain activity, promotes the prevention of viral diseases.

In general, its properties are the same as those of green tea, only less pronounced, as it has fewer antioxidants, alkaloids and other substances. Including black tea has less caffeine, so it can be drunk in about the same amounts as green tea.

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