How much kilo can you lose weight in a week

Weight loss after diet

Surely every woman who tried to lose weight has asked herself more than once about how much kilo you can lose weight in one week. The answer to that question has two sides. One side is how much real you can lose weight on in a week. And the second – how much you can lose weight in a week without compromising your health.

Rapid weight reduction, as you are promised today, can lead to significant health disorders. That and disruption of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and more. After all, weight loss is perceived as stress, so it is necessary to discount extra pounds slowly. Drastic weight reduction is very harmful to the body.

Kilos that will go away very quickly, quickly and go back, and perhaps there will be even more than before losing weight.

Weight loss depends on how many extra pounds you have in your body. The greater the weight of a person’s body, the faster they get rid of it. Slimmer girls lose about 1kg in a week, and those fuller can lose weight even by 5kg.

Is it possible to do so that excess weight does not return?

How wonderful it would be, lose weight in a week, once and for life. But really, lose weight quickly, perhaps only in the first week. But it’s not just fat cells that go away, mostly it comes at the expense of fluid loss. However, in the ensuing time, the weight will not go away so quickly. The best measure of weight loss in a week without compromising health is 1 kg per week. And it won’t be a loss of fluid or muscle, you will lose fat. You can lose weight not only with the help of exhausting diets, diets, you can lose weight, just slightly rearranging your nutrition.

To do this, you will need to consume in greater numbers certain foods that contribute to weight loss.

In order to discount a couple of kilograms of excess weight in a week, it is necessary to eat foods that are rich in protein. It’s fresh fruits and vegetables, all kinds of low-fat meat, fish. Bread and cereals must be necessarily wholegrain. Limit sugar and white flour intake. At least three times a week, do physical gymnastics, as it will speed up your metabolism, increase the body’s ability to burn calories.

Also a necessary requirement for weight loss is counting calories consumed. Pick up foods in a way that you don’t feel during the day hungry. Spread the amount of calories consumed over equal intervals. Don’t snack in any way.

If you abide by all the rules, you will certainly drop all your extra pounds in a week or a few weeks. And if you don’t have extra kilos, a fruit or aquatic diet will help you keep your figure fit.

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