How many months children are injected with a court

Opinions of baby food manufacturers

This view can be confidently called the earliest, as many jars and boxes with baby food there is a mark that these products are intended for children from three months. Producers can be understood: the earlier parents start feeding a child adapted for his age food, the greater the profit the companies that sell it will receive. Here only in the fact that the child is so necessary vegetable purees, porridge and juices after three months, there are certain doubts, however many useful properties to them are not attributed.

Many manufacturers have found an excellent way out of this situation, reflecting on the packaging also the fact that to introduce feed into the diet should be after consultation with a child watching pediatrician.

When to start feeding in natural feeding

According to WHO, mother’s milk fully provides all the needs of the child during the first half of the year of life, therefore the child does not need pre-feeding or dopage during that period.$ If you still want to treat the baby something new before reaching this age, first of all you should consult with the pediatrician, although a number of doctors still have recommendations on introduction of drops of juice after three months and simultaneous start of feeding. So all responsibility for deciding to start fattening still falls on the shoulders of parents.

When to introduce fodder during artificial feeding

Modern mixtures are more than adapted to the composition of breast milk, which provides all the needs of the child up to until half a year until it transitions to a more active lifestyle. Therefore, conditionally, children who are on artificial feeding, can be introduced to feed in the same six months as babies feeding on milk of the mother. But this does not mean that it is necessary to wait for this time, as first of all it is necessary to focus on the behavior of the child, by which it is possible to understand whether he really needs the fattening or more of the interest of the parents.

But also in this case, too hurry and start from three months should not be, because prematurely began feeding can cause problems with digestion and allergic reactions.

Signs of a child’s willingness to introduce fattening

– Interest in food consumed by the rest of the family.
– The appearance of teeth.
– Self sitting skills.
– More frequent application to the breast or consumption of a larger volume of mixture, clearly demonstrating the fact that the child needs to expand the diet, as the former is no longer nourished.

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