How long we growth


Natural growth. Boys and girls grow unequally, so skeleton formation ends at different time periods. On average, women grow to 16—19 years old. Active male growth ends at 18-25 years. How long we grow depends on many indicators. One of the most significant factors is the time of sexual development. The later it started, the longer typically a person will grow. Accordingly, with premature sexual development, growth in young adults may cease somewhat earlier than in their peers.


Exceptions to the rules. Sometimes after the skeleton of an organism has already been formed, a slight increase in growth continues. After age 20 in girls and age 26 in men, growth can increase to two centimeters.


Volitional increase. Growth is not a magnitude unchanged. With age, a person tends to lose centimeters. Due to constant stress on the spine, the intervertebral discs are squeezed. But the process can not only be stopped, it can be reversed. You can add a few inches to yourself with special exercises. There are many ways to increase growth without surgery – stretching the spine on the simulator, hanging on the tournament with burdening, pulling the legs. With great desire and perseverance, you can increase your formed growth by 1-6 cm. Some authors of the techniques assure that it is possible to increase body length by 20 cm, but these data are not scientifically confirmed. It’s worth mentioning that if you stop doing exercises to increase growth, after a while the acquired centimeters will be lost again.


Harmful impact. There are factors that can negatively affect the duration of the growth period. A person may stop growing prematurely as a result of smoking, alcohol and drug use, and when using some medications.

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