How live in Siberia


Perhaps one of the most important factors contributing to living conditions in a particular region is the climate. Siberian climate is mild and comfortable: frosty winters, wet cool summers, huge numbers of insects. If the summer is hot, the risk of wildfires increases dramatically. Despite all the cons of climatic conditions, they are compensated by stunning nature: forests, lakes, extensive opportunities for active recreation – hunting, fishing, tourism.


Siberia’s infrastructure is far from familiar for residents of metropolitan areas. Large cities are missing in most of the region, although the region is actively developing. Larger cities are building high-rises, and highways are being laid. Even in small towns such as Tomsk, for example, the central areas are increasingly becoming like the bustling cities of central Russia, and just a few minutes away in the suburbs life is more resembles rustic.


However, in suburban areas, the level of culture is quite high. Since the development of trade in the 17th century brought with it the rudiments of theatrical and artistic art, Siberia has not stopped in its cultural development. Museums, theaters, art studios have long since ceased to be a rarity.


Currently, the development of orthodoxy is observed in Siberia: monasteries are being revived, the number of believers is growing. Siberia is famous for the preservation, primacy of original Russian traditions: from ancient recipes of Siberian cuisine to traditions of celebration of Maslenitsa.


Siberia, indeed, is unlike any other region of the country. Only here combine original Russian traditions with innovative technologies, development of modern infrastructure with respect for the surrounding nature, tough climatic conditions with sincere and warm the atmosphere of relationships between people.


Many believe that the Siberian climate is a real punishment for Siberians, but for the inhabitants of Siberia, both the climate and the surrounding nature – rather advantage than disadvantage.

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