How live in Belarusia


Cost of living in the country

The average salary in Belarus is undoubtedly lower than in Russia — about 400$, however costs are somewhat less here. Petrol here is one of the cheapest in Europe. 1.5 liters of milk cost about 40 Russian rubles, the train ticket Brest-Minsk – 125 Russian rubles. Utility fees in Belarus are lower than in Russia. For example, for the maintenance of a cottage of 200 m in the cold season it is necessary to pay about 75$.


Education and medicine in Belarus

The system of education in the country is quite high. Pupils receive a classical education untainted by globalization. Although the diplomas of national universities in Europe are not quoted, in general the level of study is not lower than in Russia. Therefore, Belarusian education is a good choice for people who do not target work in Europe. As for medicine, it is worth noting – overall the level of qualification of doctors is quite high. Although there is also a system of bribes and personal recommendations here.


Private business

According to entrepreneurs, having their own business in the country is quite difficult because of high taxes. However, it is worth considering that the state assumes high social obligations. Besides, in any situation you can find a way out – some nimble entrepreneurs register business in Russia.


Security in the country

of Serious Crimes in Belarus is committed a little. One of the most frequent types of law-and-order violations is supermarket theft.


Cons of life in Belarus it is

hard for the average resident of the country to open his own business, and at enterprises to receive high salaries hard. So it’s hard for those who don’t want to be content with the average standard of living here. Education and medicine are available, prices are low, but living in luxury is unlikely. Though for most of the population it’s not that bad.

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