How is a mans brain different from a womans brain

No, they’re not from different planets. Then why very often do men not understand women and women refuse to see the cause of this misunderstanding? You just need to pay attention to the fact that they have significant brain differences. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have proven that men and women have different brain structures.

Major differences

Male brain volume is 10% larger than female. But women should not worry about this, because the smaller brain volume of the beautiful half of humanity is compensated by its more complex structure. Quantifying IQ intelligence levels has nothing to do with brain volume and weight. Therefore, the question “Who is smarter?” would be inappropriate anyway.

Alternate brain work in men contributes to the fact that it can focus on only one task. But he will approach her decision fundamentally. A woman can solve several tasks simultaneously. Therefore, they are more versatile, flexible and balanced. Unlike men, women have two brain hemispheres at the same time.

Coordination of movements is better developed in men than in women.

In non-standard situations, men are able to make more sane decisions. Women in such cases may not always choose the right option.

The consequences of women are

characterized by combining logic and intuition as one. In men: logic — separately, intuition — separately. At the

same time a woman can think and feel In men, again, there is division. He can’t think and feel right away.

Different behaviors in stressful situations. Men need to seclude themselves, women — to speak out.

Accurate sciences are more easily given to men, women are humanities.

Men react faster to information. Women “catch up” for a long time, but can easily perceive multiple streams of information. Men such a “simultaneous play session” is very annoying.

Men have enough common ideas, women need details. From here, if spoken in scientific language, men act on the principle of induction, i.e., from general to private. Women are more suited to the principle of deduction, i.e. from private to general.

Men hear literally and specifically what they are told about. Women are very often “haunted” by hints. They tend to speculate and scuffle of facts. The

sociability of women from birth knows no bounds. But men find it easier to withstand competition If they speak, it’s almost always strictly on the point. Therefore, women’s sociability often borders on empty chatter and talking about nothing.

With age, the male brain decreases faster than the female. Apparently, more women gravitate towards healthy lifestyles.

Women hear the finest intonations of voice, men don’t pay attention to these subtleties.

Male vision is erotic vision. Women are more interested in the details of any picture or trinket than men’s eroticism.

Men think more grey matter, women think white. Hence the conclusion that these are two different types of brain and two principles of action. Therefore, men and women solve the same task in separate ways. But it will be illogical to specify each individual, because quite often in nature there are mixed types of brain.

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