How in itunes to make a ringtone in 2017


Run iTunes on your computer and go to the ringtone library section. You can also add the music you want to install the call by dragging the file from any folder to the program window.


Right-click on the song you want to use as a call. In the context menu that appears, select Info. The new window displays information about the tune file.


Go to the Options tab. Note the “Start” and “End” items of the apparatus menu. Check the boxes in front of these sections and set the required time line that you want to leave for the ringtone. For example, for Start, set 0:30, and for End, set 0:55. Please note that the phone cannot have ringtones that exceed 30 seconds in duration. After the operation, click OK to apply the changes.


Right-click the file again and select “Create version in AAC”. iTunes will convert the file and create a new tune according to the parameters you specified in the Properties. Right-click on the song again and click on Show in Explorer.


Change the .m4a file extension that was created in iTunes to .m4r. To do this, right-click on the song and click Rename. Rub the value of m4a after the point and enter m4r.


Remove the created short melody file from the library by right-clicking it and selecting Delete. Click Leave to save the file to be deleted from the list on your computer. Then return to Explorer and double-click the .m4r file that will be added to iTunes.


Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable and click the device icon in the upper right corner with the left mouse button. Then select the “Sounds” section and check the “Synchronize” box opposite it. Click Apply and wait for the operation to end.


Ringtone creation in iTunes complete. You can select this ringtone from the menu “Settings” – “Sounds” – “Rington” iPhone.

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