How genes are influenced


Heredity (genes) – reproduction in future offspring of certain traits of ancestors. This is one of the most significant and surprising signs of all living organisms. One important property of genetics is its conservativeness. Heredity has persisted for generations. An equally surprising property is its variability. It can affect various organs, body parts and even cells. Scientists have long studied the genetics of humans and all living organisms with interest.


It’s worth noting that genes work paired with environmental influences. Therefore, unequivocally refer to one of the factors of influence in this or that situation, it is not necessary. Genes tend to set a certain limit to the development of some function. For example, this may concern human growth. Genes can set a limit of 190 cm. And if the environment allows (observance of the day, proper balanced diet, physical exertion, good ecology), the person can achieve this growth. At the same time, the person cannot become higher than allowed genes.


It is necessary to understand that genes set the highest limit of development. This is not to say that if the child’s parents are not above 170cm, their chado will also not be able to cross that border. Perhaps adults did not grow up in a wealthy family, often did not eat. In doing so, much greater growth is embedded in their genes. Therefore, you should not be surprised when a child grows above their ancestors.


By the same principle, genes set a limit for mental functions (speech, perception, sensations, thinking, attention, memory, etc.), physical development.$ The specific level and limit is quite high. Everything will depend on parenting, environment, mentality, people who surround the person, motivation and approach to learning.

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