How games help older people

Importance of the game for a person

 With age, the person does not lose interest in games. It’s just that they become different, and their meaning to the person is different as well. Some play to kill free time, others like in the game to know themselves, test themselves for knowledge and skills. Many through the game solve their psychological problems, which accumulate more and more with age. Often people communicate with the help of the game. It can become a person’s work, activity. Unfortunately, it can also become a problem. But, at the same time, she is for many and a “cure.”

Game therapy

Now there is such a concept as “game therapy”. It is used in the treatment of the elderly. It performs a number of functions: relaxation, development, adaptation, socialization, upbringing. These functions for older people are very important. They help people through the game not to feel unhealthy, lift spirits, help to rejoice in life and believe in themselves. This is a fact medically proven. When a person at that age plays, the blood circulation process in the brain is activated. Memory is improving.

Older people are characterized by depression, they have negative thoughts. The game helps them to distract from it, causes positive emotions, produces happiness hormone (endorphin). Positive emotions (joy, pleasure, laughter) can act better than any medication.

The peculiarity of games

for such people is special. They have an obligation to carry only the positive and not to upset the players. To do this, it is necessary to pick them up correctly. They should have the following features.

  • Conditions they have to be relieved, that is, it is possible for the elderly person.
  • Number of participants – minimum, as well as time of play.
  • It is desirable that the game for everyone individually selected a special person – it can be a doctor, a psychologist, a relative, as well as himself, considering his interest.

Types of games

Special list of games for a given age do not exist, but there are certain tips for this matter. These can be tabletop traditional games: lotto, cards, chess and checkers, backgammon, dominoes, more modern “Monopoly”, whist, etc. Wonderfully train the brain and memory games on unraveling — intellectual games: Sudoku, crosswords, puzzles, rebuses, puzzles, etc. Various competitions and quizzes.

Many older people like to play computer games. And why not, if it gives them pleasure. In addition, it has been proven that computer games contribute to the maintenance of intellectual state and health in general in people “third age”.


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