How from plasticine to blind dinosaur

You will need
  • – colored plasticine;
  • – wooden or plastic board;
  • – stick or knife.

Prepare plasticine for molding by selecting pieces of suitable color. For the dinosaur figurine more suitable for the green material, but you can show fantasy and give the prehistoric animal a different color, such as brown or purple.


From a piece of plasticine, form a large ball for the torso, two smaller balls for the head and tail. Four more plasticine balls will be needed for the paws. Usually the dinosaur is depicted with more massive hind paws and small forelegs.


The blanks, of which the torso, head and tail will be made lightly rolled on the table or board, so that they turn out to be steeped. Balls intended for lamas animals, give the shape of elongated sausages.


Combine the torso with the head and carefully stroke the place of connection with your fingers. Make the neck a little elongated. Now you can fit the tail to the torso and also make amends to the connection. Pull the tail to the desired length.


Alternately, stick a paw to the dinosaur’s enclosure. The forelimbs must be under the torso, and the posterior can be attached with a slight overlap, allowing imitation of the animal’s convex thighs. If you are confident in your creative abilities, try to give the dinosaur movement by portraying a figurine in the dynamics.


Attach the dinosaur with large expressive eyes, contrasting in shade with the main color. On the back of the animal you can make outgrowths from the same plasticine or from suitable sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Make scales on the sides of the torso with a stick or a knife. Draw also with a sharp object the fingers on the paws and make small holes on the muzzle – they will depict the nostrils.


Once again, critically inspect your creation. If necessary, invite the joints between individual parts. Place the plasticine dinosaur on a silt stand of dense cardboard. Comfortable stand can be blinded and made of plasticine flatbread. Now your figure has gained a complete look.

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