How easy to wake up at 5 morning

For example, when you get sick with a cold and depress your body with drugs, it will lead to nothing good, high temperature is needed by the body to kill malignant bacteria. Hence the many consequences such as: depression, frustration in life, physical illness.

Listen to the body signals

If you come in the evening tired, you don’t have the strength, don’t set yourself an alarm clock for five in the morning. This will be diametrically opposed to what needs to be done for health, for further productivity.


magic pill doesn’t exist, the next morning you just wake up broken and lost. There will be consequences like lethargy, apathy, lack of motivation. If the body wants to sleep, gives you such signals – sleep, set an alarm clock at a later time, spend a full sleep, recover.

Sleep bandage + earches

In the absolute majority of bedrooms where we spend the night hours, there are no proper conditions for healthy and full sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve complete darkness with the help of an eye dressing, it will significantly improve the quality and convenience of your sleep, the production of the hormone melatonin will occur at times faster and better in such a case. The earheads block the 2nd sense organ and act similarly.

Quality early lift — habit

If you set yourself the same alarm clock every day, wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time — sustained neural connections in the brain are produced. Our body lives on habits, only on them. If you get up every time at different times, lie down at different times – it is impossible to be invigorated and active.

Don’t try to keep your focus on the so-called “life hacks” from the famous books, which claim that if you perform a series of morning acts, the five-morning-after lift will become easier. It’s all such little things that, against the background of stable habit and mode customization, mean virtually nothing.


not re-bark yourself in the morning, if laid down late, in most cases it will result in a loss of efficiency and productivity. Use handmade remedies for falling asleep, such as blindfold and earplugs. The main “chip” of early lifting is stability and developed habit, in the future it will allow you to use the learned discipline in other areas of activity.

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