How dolphins defend against enemy


It is proven that such a ferocious and dangerous predator as a shark, at the sight of dolphins is fleeing! Yes, this is hard to believe, however this fact has long been confirmed by scientists. Dolphins are known to live in packs of several individuals. These are very deliberate animals, which also turns against a ferocious toothy killer. Dolphins at the sight of the enemy are able to make a massive attack even on the shark, thus leaving it no chance of rescue, because their main weapon is a powerful blow of the bow.


The dolphin’s crushing blow is due to rapid and abrupt dispersal. These marine mammals are well aware of the weaknesses of their enemy, which are the gills as well as the abdomen. Of course, do not underestimate the defensive ability of the shark itself, and if it is lucky, it may have time to swim away. But if the dolphins have chosen a victim, then they will be desperate to secure her.


Similar unfriendly attitude between these representatives fauna has developed a certain conditional reflex in the shark. It is proved that if dolphins were spotted near potential prey by a shark, even a very hungry predator would prefer to escape, rather than risk once again meeting with malefactors.


Strange that many dolphins attacked sea pigs as well. The first by the above method dealt lethal blows, thus almost instantly taking the lives of animals. And it was not because of the desire to satisfy the feeling of hunger.


However, it is not necessary to tarnish the behavior of dolphins, because they have been famous for ancient times bravery. For example, there is a case where near New Zealand a pack of dolphins rescued four swimmers from a huge white shark. The saviors surrounded a tight ring of people in trouble and held the defences for about an hour. The dolphin did not allow any of the people to get out of the cordon until it became clear that the danger had passed away. And this is by no means the only case of miraculous salvation.

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