How does a sense of love


The first view you have of a person depends entirely on their appearance. The more spectacular, unusual, brighter, and sometimes, on the contrary, the more modest the person looks, the more chance he has that you may have an interest in him.


The second impression of a person is made when you approach him and feel his individual smell. Perfume here at nothing – attract or push away can smell that emits the human body with the help of special substances – pheromones. It is for this reason that love is compared to a chemical reaction in the body that begins to produce love hormones in response to the smell of the desired person.


When the initial interest has already formed, the further development of the feeling of falling in love with personal acquaintance. You match the person you like, evaluate the similarities of your characters, look for similarities between you. If you have at least one common fascination or, for example, you have a common favorite musical composition, it will be a great incentive to create sympathy, and perhaps love.


The feeling of falling in love can erupt or strengthen if the object of your attention itself expresses sympathy for you. Especially magical means are compliments, expressions of admiration, appreciation of merits, attention to interests and personal life. Everyone likes to feel necessary, important, interesting and special.


Often, love feelings arise after a first date. Your impression of each other depends on how successful it will pass. So if you organize the first date, and if you care that it is not the last, make your best effort and fantasy.


One of the most important causes of love is sexual attraction. If a spark of passion breaks out between you, then it means, before love – hand to serve.

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