How does a poor persons behavior differ from a rich person?

Virtually all people are born with the same opportunities. The environment gives a lot, but it is the man himself who builds his future. So how do the more successful and wealthier people differ from the poor? By behavior! Poor people are characterized by behavior that prevents them from achieving any success.

Ongoing complaints

Poor people always complain. Wherever the conversation starts, it always rolls down to complaints. The person himself does not notice such behavior, it firmly enters the habit. Over time, people around it get bored, and they distance themselves, try to complete communication faster and minimize contacts.

The poor man thinks everyone is turned away from him because he has no money and people are mercantile. But who is the hunt to listen to eternal complaints? The poor man himself pushes others away from himself and undermines his authority. Therefore, favorable offers and opportunities do not arrive, because they always come from people.


Poor people never admit to their own laziness and unwillingness to do something. They will always find justification for their own inaction. Arguments can be the most banal or incredible, it’s important to justify yourself and look better in the eyes of others.

For example, they will never say it’s laziness to do charging. They will be trite short of time, strength, interfere with children or lack of free square meters. When a person really wants something, they look for opportunities, not excuses.

Moving responsibility

Poor man doesn’t seek to take responsibility for himself and his life, it’s easier to blame someone else. The blame is the state, the crisis, the bourgeois, the superiors, the circumstances — everyone but him is to blame.

He can’t get rich or earn more because the superiors don’t want to pay, cheats on wages, the state raises taxes, smothers businesses and doesn’t want to give money just so . All his failures will always be the fault of someone.

Such a person will never say that he is not paid more because he has low qualifications, he is lazy or often makes mistakes, and for benefits you need to walk around instances and collect paper. He will never say he was late because he was going for a long time or woke up late, the blame will always be the bus that left without him.

Devaluing someone else’s work

Poor people see only someone else’s result, ignoring the enormous work and effort that has been put in. They are always jealous of the result, devaluing the path that had to be taken to succeed or get rich.

If you ask a poor person what bad wealth is, then he will quickly find a lot of answers to the question. A rich man will wonder why it’s bad? Poverty syndrome is solely in the head. A person’s success, often expressed financially, depends on the personal effort and labor put in to achieve it. Even a little self-belief and strict self-control work real wonders. And help improve your own welfare.

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