How do I get a grant for the embodiment of my idea?

Matchpart: grant is a grant grant, that is, money is given without interest and no obligation to return, you only need to report on what left. And, of course, present the result of the work. There are entire spheres of life that generate no income (like helping the elderly or restoring old wooden houses) but are valuable socially, pedagogical or scientifically. Grants exist for these purposes in particular.

The grant can be obtained from different sources, these include:

1. Government departments and subdivisions. The Ministry of Culture, for example, issues grants for projects related to culture and art. The authority on the ground organizes its own grants. Of the latest examples – in honor of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the TASSR, Tatarstan authorities issued grants for creation of prose and poetic works on the relevant subject, grants were up to half a million rubles upvoted for major prose.

2. Funds. The most famous of them is “Russian World”.

3. Commercial organizations. Of course, Gazprom comes to mind from the federal first, and from regional – in the same Tatarstan, for example, TATNEFT holds an annual competition for 8 nominations for the grant, and in addition to this – there is a separate fund that issues subsidies for works of art. In neighboring Bashkortostan, the Bashneft Fund works about the same.

4. Altruists. Simply put, specific living people ready to be sponsors are something of a patrons. Often, however, they create their own foundations, as happened with Potanin (Vladimir Potanin’s charitable foundation).

In Samara, for example, in 2015 the initiative “Tom Sawyer Fest” originates, amateur volunteers and professional architects and restorers are engaged in the restoration of ancient wooden houses of the beginning of the past and the end of the past century. It started all as a personal initiative of a particular person, and today this movement has already received two grants.

Another example is studying abroad: someone finishes school in a small town in the Volga region, and wants to study, no more, no less, at the Charles University in Prague. The goal is quite real and achievable, and a training grant is just one way to bring it to life.

How to get a grant: Organizations announce a competition and then identify the winners. To participate in this competition, you need to send an application. The applicant of the grant must only choose the organization, structure or foundation where the application will apply, and there are now many of these. Some are engaged in different areas, from research to the same study abroad. It is usually recommended to decide on the right field, find a structure that supports the initiative in this sector and apply.

You can start the search with the President of the country – there is a whole site dedicated to the grants of the President of

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