How convulsions arise

Why so happens

Causes causing muscle spasms, there is a great set of things. In healthy individuals, they are observed as a result of the body’s loss of salt during increased sweating or with insufficient blood circulation in muscle tissues. Such a course of events provoke increased physical exertion, sports and swimming. In this case, seizure is able to occur both immediately and after some amount of time. The danger is spasm that overtook you in the water of open water bodies and artificial pools, because restriction of motor function can lead to drowning.

Another typical cause of involuntary muscle contractions is pregnancy. Monotone movements, repeated day in and day out, can also play a role. People who spend a lot of time in a monotonous sitting position or, on the contrary, constantly on their feet are exposed to similar problems.

Severe consequences involve convulsions associated with their associated diseases. These include: the improper development of the brain and nervous system of the fetus during the period of its weaning by the mother; psychosomatic disorders and neuroses; vein varicosis; metabolic failure and glands of internal secretion; lack or poor digestibility of various substances such as magnesium, calcium and vitamin D.

Also convulsions causes: tetanus, resulting in muscle spasms achieve incredible strength and without skilled assistance are able to fragment bone tissue; epilepsy causing a person to uncontrollably harm themselves — in particular, serious damage tongue; poisonous odors resulting in muscle contractions of the throat depressing the respiratory system.

The saving measures


Cramps have the habit of taking people by surprise, occurring at the most unexpected moment or at night, sometimes even awakening from sleep. In order to remove a light seizure, it is necessary to extol the pain and pull the affected muscle, doing so in a neat but persistent way. Contrasting compresses with warm and cool water, soft relaxing massage and even aromotherapy can be facilitated. The latter measure has more of a psychological effect and aims to calm consciousness exposed to nervous and panic conditions.

Self-medication should be avoided when seizures occur during diseases – it is better to seek advice from a specialist and carry out the necessary examinations to identify the root cause. Only on the basis of a medical report will the treatment be sent right and will lead to effective results. Especially seriously it is necessary to approach spasms associated with epilepsy – even before medical intervention it is important to provide the patient with care, putting it in such a way as to prevent self-harm.

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