How blood is taken on sugar


Currently use three research methods – this is express, laboratory and current. The latter method involves determining blood glucose levels without prior preparation. That is, the patient has a tight breakfast two hours before the blood intake. The sugar level under this approach should not exceed 11.1 mmol/l.


In most clinics draw blood for sugar from a finger. This method is called — express. The value of the results obtained in this way varies from 3.3 to 5.5 mmol/l. The difference is due to the age of the visitor and how he spent one or two days leading up to the analysis. At home, express testing is carried out using a glucometer. The portable device for altering blood sugar is convenient for frequent testing.


There are times when fence blood is produced for multiple tests at a time. Laboratory automatic analysis requires enough blood, so venous blood is used. Its figures can be overstated by about 12%. The figures above are normal for a healthy person. In controversial cases, a sample with a load is carried out. For this purpose, the patient drinks a glass of water with glucose and a sample is taken and analyzed every 30 minutes within 2 hours.


Generally, a prerequisite for taking blood on sugar is morning time and fasting for twelve hours. At this time, not only the consumption of food, but also any beverages, chewing gum and even the use of toothpaste are prohibited. The last meal should not contain fried, greasy and spicy dishes. Note that physical and emotional tension, taking any medication and smoking affect the results of the analysis.

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