How at home to puncture tongue

You will need
  • – tongue bar
  • – hollow needle from blood transfusion system
  • – disinfectant for equipment
  • – Mouth sanitizer
  • – cotton swabs
  • – mirror

Puncture of the tongue – painful process. In this case, significant bleeding can occur if you get a vein. You need to tune in advance to make everything as fast and correct as possible. Be prepared that drops of blood can hit the floor, choose a place where there are no palaces, and in front of you a comfortable mirror. Do not use a mirror that needs to be held in your hands, because you will need all fingers for further manipulation. The puncture game should be hollow. Through it, you then insert a barbell. Make sure in advance that it is placed in the hole so that you do not have to perform the procedure again in the future.


Disinfect tools and hands. For this purpose, you can use special remedies, and you can use regular medical alcohol. Then disinfect the oral cavity, for this will suit “Dentin” or other substance, which is easy to find in any pharmacy. You need to stab exactly in the middle of the tongue. This is the least sensitive place, and there are no large vessels. The puncture needs to be done vertical, not at an angle. The more even the movement, the more convenient it is to wear the decoration in the future.


Put out your tongue, stick it with one hand. In the salons for this purpose there are special forceps, because instinctively a person tries to pull his tongue back in. At home everything will have to do with your hands. Fix your tongue, chart the puncture site. The closer it is to the teeth, the more likely the enamel will be injured by the rod when talking or chewing food. The puncture must be done in sharp and fast movement. No need to slowly inject the needle as it will be too excruciating. Put the needle vertically and with one touch enter it into the fabric. Then insert the bar through the needle and take out the piercing tool, and twist the second ball. Treat the puncture with a re-disinfectant.


There will be a lot of blood after the puncture of Don’t be frightened, it’s a temporary phenomenon, use cotton disks. Within the first hours there will be swelling of tissues. It will take place during the week. After each meal, fondle your mouth with special disinfection solutions, so that the puncture does not inflame. Full healing will occur within 6 weeks, before that the tongue will be sick, difficult to talk and eat solid food.

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