How a gynecologist defines virginity


Using gauze wipes, a gynecologist grabs the large labia into the fold with his thumb and index fingers and breeds them aside. The hymen in this position is in a stretched state and is well viewed. The doctor pays attention to the peculiarities of the structure of the hymen, determining its shape, appearance, thickness, width, and then begins examination of its free edge.


To investigate the spit better, a glass spade or stick is introduced into the hole, on which the edge of the spit is spread, and it becomes more available for research. The doctor pays attention to irregularities, notches, thickening, performances, edge features and color. If there was no deflation, it usually has a diameter of 2-2.5 cm. Also the doctor is studying the hymen’s opening A magnifying glass or an operating microscope may be used, because it is not always possible to distinguish the natural hole in the body of the hymen from former ruptures.


In a natural notch, the mucosa has edges of uniform color matching the color of the surrounding tissue. At the site of the notch, the edges usually have a whitewash color due to the formation of scar tissue. Although in some cases, the scarring is tender and thin, almost undistinguished from the surrounding mucosa.


Even if a doctor does not determine the presence of a holistic hymen during a gynecological examination, he will try to inject one or two fingers into vagina. If the ring of contraction is felt, and it is impossible to enter the fingers completely without damaging the hymen, the doctor concludes that the patient is a virgin. In such cases, further examination of the girl is done through the anal opening using a special tool.

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