How a favorite shoe color can tell about the character of a man

Consider in more detail the most common colors of shoes and try to discover the secrets associated with the characters of its owners.

Black shoes
Basically this color of shoes suggests a person’s tendency to conservatism, but not the least part is played. If black shade is combined with bright decorative elements or metal, the owner of such shoes is strong-willed and strong nature, loving freedom and leadership. Classic black low-heeled shoes – a sign that a person tries to always show himself only from the best side. Black boots with a thin heel are a favorite shoes for wounding nature.

White shoes
Preference of wounding, modest and romantic nature.

Red shoes
Characterize a leader, a person who always and in everything tries to be the first.

Brown shoe A
sign of a conservative man who isn’t trying to stand out isn’t aiming for leadership.

Colored shoes
If a person is constantly experimenting with shoe colors, then it can be a sign of a lack of impressions or a desire to change a familiar lifestyle.

Footwear with drawings
testifies to a cheerful temper, constant search for adventure. A person who favors such shoe models never gets upset about trifling, tends to look for positive moments even in difficult situations.

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