Household trolley: Types, Requirements, Application

Household trolleys have been around for quite some time. They were invented to move cargo over quite long distances without making much effort. Despite the fact that all trolleys have one main task, disputes still do not subside, what exactly can be called a shopping cart. One type is used by hostesses to transport products from the market to the house. Others are exploited by men to transport construction materials, such as at a cottage. The main difference is the number of wheels. They come in one-, two-, three- and four-wheelers. Usually daily demand in the household is used by compact two-wheeled models, to which a roomy bag is added.

Household trolley: features

The main feature of the farm trolley – it is folding. This is due to the fact that such a device should be compact in order not to occupy a lot of space in the house. Modern models have at least 2 wheels. Often such have a soft drive and off-road. All this contributes to the fact that the cart when moving does not squeak, does not make noise, and does not call.

Unicycle models are not particularly popular due to their volatility. They in the way are heeled and rotated arbitrarily, depending on the terrain of the road.

Today often release not only a frame (which is usually meant when talking about the cart), but also a bag. Tissue container allows you to transport a large number of heavy household goods, products, boxes with laundry detergent, etc. In addition, that the bag itself is quite roomy, it still has a large number of valves and pockets, in which it is also possible to accommodate small loads.

Plus such a utility trolley is that the bag detaches if necessary, and the trolley becomes suitable for transportation of goods up to 60 kg.

Requirements for the shopping bag

Specialists make a number of requirements for the utility trolley. The list includes:
– compactness;
– durability;
– lightness;
– small cost.

Compactness of the trolley is ensured by folding elements. Today it is designed so that almost all parts of such a device are folded. Moreover, the addition happens quite easily, literally in one light movement of the hand – all together: both the wheels, the handle, and the platform itself, are quickly joined together. The trolley becomes so compact that it fits fairly easily on a shelf or becomes between a closet and a wall in an apartment.

It is considered that the folding structure is short-lived, because its regular folding leads to rapid wear of parts. In fact, today carts design so that it is the folding structure that is more durable.

The strength, naturally, should also be at a height of. After all, if the trolley will crumble and lose parts on the go, there will be serious problems.

Small weight of the trolley is a prerequisite. Otherwise, all the meaning is lost. You will not carry extra cargo in addition to the weight you carry. It

is natural that such a useful economic item must have a budget cost. After all for big money no one will take such bags – carts. After all, the payback will then be extremely low.

What are made of household carts

Usually, as experts say, carts are made of steel pipe. Sometimes there are models that are cast in aluminum. Plus the latter is that they are orders of magnitude lighter than everyone else. But many years of experience has shown that steel supports are much better and more reliable than other options. Wheels at such platforms are conventional cast rubber. This is because the trolley must be rack and reliable, and the cast material completely eliminates the option of puncturing the wheel. In addition, the wheels have ball bearings that contribute to softer running.

If the cart comes complete with a bag, it is also worth wondering what it is made of. Typically, the bag is sewn from rubberized fabric. It has two reliable mounts, which contribute to a more correct fastening of the trolley. On such a household device it is easy to carry about 50 kg, or sometimes more.

How to choose a suitable utility trolley Choose a

trolley is not as difficult as it seems. For this purpose, it is advisable to go to a specialized shop, where a large number of models are presented. Choose first those carts that will suit you the most in appearance. Then check how convenient they are to use. Just roll them and see how the wheels recall your movements. If there is any difficulty, it is better to refuse to purchase such a copy.

Also be sure to note how comfortable the trolley handle is. After all, you will have to carry her by the pen. And if it’s too thin or crashes into a brush, such a cart will never become comfortable.

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